Agendas, Learning Center, Audits & Finances

Agendas of the Berkeley County Farmland Protection Board

The Berkeley County Farmland Protection Board meets on the second Monday of each month, unless that date is a holiday in which case they meet the next day. Meetings are generally at 6:00 PM in the offices of the Berkeley County Economic Development Authority, 300 Foxcroft Avenue, Suite 200, Martinsburg WV. Please note that the Berkeley County Farmland Protection Board reserves the right to change it’s meeting time/date/location subject to the provisions of the West Virginia Open Government Proceedings Act.

Learning Center


27 Feb 2016 Seminar on Conservation Easements, Taxes, and Estate Planning

Newspaper Articles

These articles constitute a 12-part series published in the Martinsburg Journal from October 2015 through September 2016. The focus of this series is to explain all aspects of farmland protection as it relates to Berkeley County.

October 2015 An introduction into farmland protection
November 2016 Why participate in a farmland protection program?
December 2015 When a conservation easement takes effect
January 2016 Who benefits from farmland protection?
February 2016 Funding sources for farmland protection
 March 2016 How applicant properties are rated
 April 2016 What’s next after property is selected?
May 2016 After closing – our role in the forever part
June 2016 Thoughts from our board
July 2016 Funding sources – an update
August 2016 A History of farmland protection across West Virginia
September 2016 The technology behind Farmland Protection
Full twelve months Full Year Series

Audits & Finances

The West Virginia State Auditor’s Office (WVSAO) oversees the process of conducting annual audits of all farmland protection boards in the state. The WVSAO competitively bids audit services each year and selects the financial firm used to conduct these annual, independent audits. The most recent audit statements are accessible below. Audited statements of our finances from prior years are available for inspection during regular business hours.

WVSAO Audit Procurement Manual
FY 2010 Audit
FY 2011 Audit
FY 2012 Audit
FY 2013 Audit
FY 2014 Audit
FY 2015 Audit
FY 2016 Audit
FY 2017 Audit
FY 2018 Audit
FY 2019 Audit
FY 2020 Audit
FY 2021 Audit