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How to Start a Farmland Protection Program in Your County

Currently there are 19 county farmland protection programs funded with a local real estate transfer tax.  Thirty-six counties in West Virginia do not have a local program.  While landowners in those counties may apply to the state for consideration of a conservation easement on their property, awarding of those funds is highly competitive.

Local county programs can be very responsive to the needs of landowners by tailoring the program to a particular county.  Once started, the program can have access to a local real estate transfer tax used solely for farmland protection.  A local program is started with a simple majority vote of your County Commission.

If you want more information about starting a program in your county, please contact the West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority (304) 558-2201.  We can arrange for presentations to your County Commission; assist in public support through your local Conservation District and Farm Bureau; and/or provide materials to start and promote a local program.