Welcome to the Summers County Farmland Protection Program

The WV Voluntary Farmland Protection Program was enacted in 2000 by a unanimous vote of the WV State Legislature. This law has enabled the Summers County Farmland Protection Board (SCFPB) to develop a program adapted specifically to protect the agriculture lands of Summers County. The cornerstone of the program is the purchase of donation of conservation easements designed to provide stability for the future agricultural enterprise. Funding for the program comes from local land transfer fees, federal grants, special ap-propriations, and private donations. Subject to availability of funds, landowners may be eligible to receive the difference between the fair market value of the land and its value for agricultural production. The sale or donation of a perpetual conservation easement may result in federal income tax benefits.

Reasons to Protect Farmland

  • Ensures the sustainability of agriculture in Summers County
  • Provides financial incentives to keep viable farm operations
  • Protects normal farming operations from nuisance complaints
  • Maintains a secure land base for food production
  • Leverages federal funds directed toward conservation of natural resources
  • Safeguards the economic diversity of Summers County
  • Maintains the local tax base by keeping cost of services low
  • Preserves Summers County‚Äôs cultural heritage.