Board Composition

The Preston County Farmland Protection Board is composed of seven members, each serving without compensation but eligible for reimbursement of actual expenses while engaged in the discharge of official duties provided however that reimbursement not exceed the amount paid to members of the Legislature. All members are required to be county residents. Each member is a voting member, except for the Preston County Commissioner, who shall serve in a non-voting, advisory capacity. All members are appointed by the Preston County Commission and serve at the will and pleasure of the Commission.

The specific composition of the Board is as follows:

  • One Preston County Commissioner (Samantha Stone)
  • Executive Director of the Preston County Development Authority (LaDeana Teets)
  • One farmer who is a member of the Preston County Farm Bureau (Carrie See)
  • One farmer who is a member of the Monongahela Conservation District (Art Mouser)
  • One farmer who need not be a member of any farm organization (Kevin Luke Seese)
  • One county resident who is not a member of the foregoing organizations (Kevin Lions)

The 2022 Officers of the Preston County Farmland Protection Board are as follows:

  • Board Chair (William Grose)
  • Board Vice-Chair (Art Mouser)
  • Board Secretary (Roberta Baylor)
  • Board Treasurer (Kevin R. Lyons)