Board Composition

The Pendleton County Farmland Protection Board is composed of seven members, each serving without compensation. All members are required to be county residents. Each member is a voting member, except for the Pendleton County Commissioner, who shall serve in a non-voting, advisory capacity. All members are appointed by the Pendleton County Commission, typically for a four-year term.

The specific composition of the Board is as follows:

  • J.D. Heavner, Farmer and member of the Pendleton County Farm Bureau– PCFPB Chairman
  • Amy Batson, Farmer and Public Member – PCFPB Vice Chair
  • Traci Hickson, Public Member – PCFPB Secretary
  • Amber Nesselrodt, Pendleton County Economic Development Authority – PCFPB Treasurer
  • Lois Carr, Farmer and member of the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District
  • Rick Wagoner, Farmer and Public Member
  • Gary Swecker, Farmer and Public Member
  • Carl Hevener, Pendleton County Commissioner

The composition of every farmland protection board is dictated by the Voluntary Farmland Protection Act at WV Code ¡ì8A-12-1(2004).