Board & Officers

On November 3, 2004, the Nicholas County Commission authorized a resolution creating the Nicholas County Farmland Protection Board.  The Commission affirmed that the agriculture community of Nicholas county provides sources of agriculture products for the citizens of the state; enhances tourism, protects worthwhile community values, institutions and landscapes which are inseparably associated with traditional farming; and controls the urban expansion which is consuming land, topsoil and woodland of the county.  The Board, as appointed by the Commission, was authorized to create and administer the Nicholas county Farmland Protection Program in consultation with the Elk Conservation District, and as approved by the Commission.

Seven Nicholas County residents sit on the board. Board members are appointed by the County Commission, typically serve four-year terms, and are all volunteers.  None are paid for their service.  All are voting members except for the County Commissioner, who serves in an advisory capacity.  The Board is an entity of Nicholas County government and is empowered to create, hold, and defend conservation easements.

Board is as follows:

  • Nicholas County Commissioner (non voting member)
    • Lloyd Adkins
  • Executive Director of the Nicholas County Development Authority
    • Jina Belcher, NRGRDA
  • County resident farmer and Elk Conservation District Member
    • Larry Greynolds, Vice President
  • County resident farmer who need not be a member of any organization
    • Randy Tucker, President
  • County resident farmer and a member of the Farm Bureau
    • Bill Glascock
  • County resident who is not a member of any of the foregoing organizations
    • Ashley Amos, Treasurer
  • County resident who is not a member of any of the foregoing organizations
    • Joe Bell
  • Joan O'Quinn, Administrative Assistant and Secretary

The composition of every farmland protection board is dictated by the Voluntary Farmland Protection Act at WV Code §8A-12-1(2004).