Nicholas County Farmland Protection Board Acquires Conservation Easement (Tucker)

L to R  Ken Stowers-NCFPB Treasurer, Bret Singleton-NCFPB Chairman, Randy Tucker-property owner, Joan O’Quinn-NCFPB Secretary, Amy Moloney-FPB Director

The Nicholas County Farmland Protection Board (NCFPB) acquired a conservation easement under the West Virginia Voluntary Farmland Protection Act §8A-12-21. This easement was acquired from Randy Tucker on October 24, 2018 and protects 95.98 acres of land in the Grant District of Nicholas County.

The Deed of Conservation Easement, which was agreed to by all parties, outlines the terms, conditions and restrictions on the property, and protects the landowners and the Grantees. The Nicholas County Farmland Protection Board, as the Grantee under the Deed of Conservation Easement, agrees to protect the property according to its mandate and the desires of the property owners as spelled out in the easement. Mr. Tucker protected the property because he wants to see it stay a working farm to produce food for people and to provide a place for children to farm in the future.

The Nicholas County Commission adopted a resolution creating the Farmland Protection Board in November of 2004. Since the inception of the program more than 600 acres have been placed under conservation easement in Nicholas County. Over 140 of those acres were donated. The purpose of the Farmland Protection Program is to preserve land for farm use. To learn more about this program visit our web page at or call 304-872-1731 #3.