Welcome to the Morgan County Farmland Protection Program

Since 2005, there have been 14 easements entered into the Morgan County Farmland Protection Program totaling 988 acres.

The WV Voluntary Farmland Protection Program was enacted in 2000 by unanimous vote of the WV State Legislature. This law has enabled the Morgan County Farmland Protection Board (MCFPB) to develop a program adapted specifically to protect the agriculture lands of Morgan County.

The cornerstone of the program is the purchase or donation of conservation easements designed to provide stability for future agricultural enterprise.

Funding for the program comes from local land transfer fees, federal grants, special appropriations, and private donations.

In order to qualify, the property must be located in Morgan County and be capable of use for cropland or grazing. Woodlots and wetlands within the farm boundaries are also eligible. Some commercial activities such as retail sales of farm products, tourism, charitable or educational activities, or home-based business are compatible with easements.