Eligibility Requirements

Easement Donation Requirements

Donated conservation easement offers will be considered on an individual basis. They do not necessarily have to meet the specifications of purchased easements.

Easement Purchase Requirements

Easement purchase offers must meet the following requirements to be considered.

  1.  The property must be located in Mineral County
  2. The property is able to be developed, according to federal, state, and local regulations. A Confirmation letter from the County Planner is required
  3. No commercial or industrial structures are located on the parcel other than limited agricultural and home-based business buildings
  4. Clear title to the property is established
  5. The property must be 34% or more farmland
  6. The property has 50% or more qualifying soils
  7. The property is free of any developmental oil or gas leases or mineral extraction leases. (Non-developmental oil or gas leases may be permitted but only when a lease is intact or mineral rights are severed prior to the easement closing.)
  8. Mineral rights are owned by the surface owner or, if severed, are determined by the MCFPB not to threaten the Conservation Easement
  9. The application is signed by the property owners and turned in on or before the deadline. (late applications cannot be accepted for the current round of funding, but may be considered for other future rounds)
  10. The application clearly states an offering price that is equal to or less than the MCFPB’s current cap of $2,500 per acre.