Jefferson County Farmland Protection Board Welcomes 44th Farm

The Jefferson County Farmland Protection Board welcomed the 44th farm to join its agricultural conservation easement program on November 13, 2019, bringing the total area of protected farmland in the county to 4,613 acres. The 83-acre property, owned by Mr. Timothy Smith, is the second farm he has protected under the program. Tim Smith said, “My grandfather bought this farm 1974 and passed it on to me.  The farmland protection program is good for farmers, though it’s not for everyone.  I’m doing it because I want to keep my land, and to be able to use the funds from the easement to invest in my farm and the farming community.”  Smith Livestock, his family-run operation, produces hay, alfalfa and grain crops and raises cattle and horses.  

Left to right: Tim Smith and his son Lane, and daughters Lindsey and Josey
Photo credit: James Walker

More than 94% of the newly protected land includes prime and statewide important agricultural soils, maintaining the productive farmland soils and rural character and economy of the County, a goal of the County’s Envision Jefferson Comprehensive Plan. This conservation easement was purchased with matching funds provided by the Jefferson County Farmland Protection Board and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).