Application Season Closed FY 2021

Our Fiscal Year 2021 application season closed on Friday, 30 October at end of business day. We’re grateful to have received so many applications representing beautiful and productive agricultural lands.

The board’s staff will begin the process of scoring these properties and will present the scores to the board during a December work session. This is the board’s chance to fully review each point awarded to each property. It’s the time when staff and board review the underlying supplementary materials that justify each point award.

Following this process, staff will estimate what the purchase price for each easement might cost the board. All of this comes together at the regular January meeting. The top-ranked properties which can be accommodated within the amount of funds set aside will be selected. Property owners are notified soon after. Unsuccessful applicants are also notified, although for properties which were close to the funding cutoff, those owners are asked to be patient. Even a top-ranked property might be withdrawn from the selection pool, typically due to a disappointing restricted use appraisal.

The board is very appreciative of the interest by so many land owners to offer their property for a conservation easement. If you’re interested in talking to us about the FY 2022 application season, feel free to contact the board.